Meth Addiction

Meth Addiction

Meth, as it is commonly known, is one of the most addictive substances used in the United States. Meth forces the brain to overproduce dopamine, a neurotransmitter that induces a sense of euphoria and energy.

Methamphetamine addiction produces an array of harmful side effects. Meth mouth is common among addicts. According to the American Dental Association, meth mouth is caused by a combination of dry mouth, poor oral hygiene for extended periods of time, frequent consumption of carbonated beverages, and teeth grinding. Other physical side effects include loss of appetite, sweating, irregular heartbeat, and other problems. Among intravenous meth users, bloodborne pathogens like HIV and hepatitis are also fairly common. Methamphetamine is also associated with an increased risk of sexually transmitted infection. Neuroimaging studies have shown that meth can interfere with the areas of the brain that control motor speed, verbal learning, emotion, and memory.

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Meth Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

Meth withdrawal is very unpleasant, but not life-threatening. Symptoms include depression, anxiety, fatigue, and a very intense craving for the drug. Withdrawal happens to approximately 88% of meth addicts who take large doses. Withdrawal typically starts within 24 hours of the last dose. Moreover, meth addiction can last for as long as four weeks. During the first week of withdrawal, meth users often report feeling "crashed."

The View offers luxury detox and stabilization treatment for people struggling from meth addiction. Our services include individual therapy, group psychotherapy, and stress reduction groups for clients. The View also offers CBT as an additional service for clients. CBT is currently the most effective treatment option for meth addiction.

It is important to seek immediate help for meth addiction, as its long-term use is tied to severe heart problems. According to ABC News, long-term meth use is tied to arrhythmias, intracranial bleeding, and congestive heart failure.

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