When a client comes to The View, we want to make sure that we have full knowledge of who you are, the extent of your condition, and how to tackle the detoxification process. We make sure clients feel safe in sharing with us their treatment options.

After receiving a welcome and tour from the staff, all personal items are stored in a safe and locked place to be searched by staff in order to ensure client and community safety. Each new client is then given an overview of all program rules and regulations, consents, and a safe call to emergency contact.

admissions-imgNext is the nursing and medical intake. The client will speak with a doctor on the phone upon arrival to begin to implement detox medications. Vitals, breathalyzer, medical history, and using history are discussed. Medical professionals ask questions such as what type of drug is used, how often, how are drugs ingested, how long have the drugs been abused, and why help is being sought.

The discussion of previous treatment is especially important for when the conversation of the next steps of recovery takes place. We want to know what worked and what needs to be done differently. Relapse is common, but nothing to be ashamed of. We want to aid clients in making sure the same mistakes are not a part of a new journey of recovery.

Finally clients go through a physical. This is to make sure that no existing conditions will impact any of the detoxification treatment. We want to make sure every client is safe in the hands of our medical professionals. The client will then see a doctor within the first 24 hours for full assessment, medication changes, and the clinical introduction and welcome.

What to Bring

The View wants you to be relaxed and uninterrupted during your detoxification. The symptoms of withdrawal can be daunting and the more focus on recovery, the better. We like to give clients an outline of what to bring so they feel well prepared for treatment.

What to bring for admission:

  • Driver’s License or Photo ID
  • Insurance card
  • Credit card
  • Prescription card

How to pack for your stay:

  • Clothes for activities ranging from resting on our deck to doing yoga
  • Toiletry items that have not been opened and are alcohol/aerosol free
  • Reading material related to aiding the recovery process
  • If a smoker, please bring cigarettes in unopened packs
  • Cell phone use is unnecessary, but will be allowed in some instances

What to leave at home:

  • Toiletries that contain alcohol or aerosol
  • Any sort of outside food
  • Electronics
  • Any blankets, pillows, or stuffed animals

Clients will be provided with any necessity that is forgotten. Our high-end facility makes sure that every client is as comfortable as possible.