Best Addiction Treatment Centers

Best Addiction Treatment Centers

The View offers addiction treatment programs for clients at its luxurious 6-bed facility. Located in the hills of Brentwood, clients can enjoy the breathtaking patio, hot tub, and pool while recovering in safety and comfort. Our core services include detoxification and stabilization. We encourage our clients to stay as long as they'd like—recovery takes time and the length of time needed will depend upon the individual. Give us a call at (877) 310-4343 to learn more about our program, which is unique to the Los Angeles area.

What To Expect At Los Angeles's Top Rated Addiction Treatment Center

Clients typically come to The View for our sub-acute detoxification program. This service includes around-the-clock nursing care, a consultation with a physician, and medications to help ease the pain of withdrawal symptoms. In our stabilization program, the therapeutic process begins to cultivate and progress. Clients get access to individual therapy, group psychotherapy, and stress reduction groups while at The View where they can explore past experiences and learned behaviors that contribute to the addiction.

We also offer other services for clients as needed. Some of our more holistic treatments include massage, meditation, and yoga. EMDR is available upon request—eye movement desensitization and reprocessing can help clients process distressing memories and beliefs. EMDR, when used in combination with our other therapy programs, can sometimes be more effective than other traditional cognitive approaches.

Another unique program includes life skills develoment. In this program, clients develop the tools that lay the groundwork for effective stress management and positive behaviors. According to a study, learning life skills can help individuals eliminate addictive behaviors in their life. In some situations, individuals can maintain stability in their lives for years after the initial treatment.

What to Expect From The View's Los Angeles Drug Rehab Program

At The View, clients experience an invaluable degree of safety and comfort during the initial stages of sobriety. Our caring and professional staff honors each client's unique history—we understand that past experiences should inform a person's detox and stabilization program. Our intake program and holistic treatment approach makes sure that each client gets treatment that aligns with their individual needs. Our luxurious 6-bed facility is also small enough to make sure that each client gets individualized treatment.

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Give us a call at (877) 310-4343 to learn more about The View's rehab treatment programs. Once you enter our program, you will understand what makes us different.