Drug Detox Los Angeles

Drug Detox Los Angeles

The View, one of the premiere drug detox centers in Los Angeles, provides two tiers of treatment for our clients: sub-acute detoxification and stabilization. These programs complement each other perfectly. Our luxurious and serene facilities include a pool, hot tub, and breathtaking patio—perfect for overcoming withdrawal symptoms and helping you focus on the stabilization process that follows. After beating the painful and unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal, clients can focus on addressing the underlying causes of the addiction.

If you or a loved one are stuck on the "just one more time routine," consider The View to help break this process. Call (877) 310-4343 to start on the path to recovery today.

Sub-Acute Drug Detoxification: Taking the First Step

The View provides sub-acute drug detoxification. At this stage in the cycle, clients address their immediate withdrawal symptoms. For example, alcohol withdrawal often includes dizziness, fevers, and other unpleasant symptoms. Healthy meals, nursing support, and counseling sessions help address the unpleasantness of these symptoms. During this stage in the treatment cycle, a clinical advocate helps you through the troubling symptoms of alcohol and drug withdrawal.

Stabilization: Cultivating and Progressing the Recovery Process

In addition to drug detoxification, The View starts clients down the path to recovery with our stabilization program. Our clients receive group psychotherapy, individualized counseling, and stress reduction groups. Those in our stabilization can also choose to participate in exercise, meditation, and yoga programs designed to develop the tools and resources for lifelong well-being. The View's stabilization program includes highly individualized and collaborative care focused on a client's specific needs and interests. Client stabilization programs, tailored to the individual, typically lasts anywhere from 30-60 days.

Individualized Drug Detox and Stabilization Unique to Los Angeles

Our clients directly benefit from our small, luxurious 6-bed facility. This lets our caring and professional staff truly understand the background and needs of each individual. Located in the hills of Brentwood, CA, The View offers stunning views of Los Angeles. A pool, hot tub, and patio assist our clients with their recovery and self-reflection.

When clients check into The View's alcohol and drug detox programs, our staff understands who you are, the extent of your addiction, and helps tackle the addiction. The medical intake program includes consultation with a doctor, to make sure clients receive necessary detox medications. Our team also discusses past experiences with the client, to understand what didn't work and to prevent future relapses.