Help for Families


The View recognizes how big of a first step clients are taking. Detoxification is the beginning of a difficult journey that is intimidating.

It can be scary to let go of a substance that has been a huge dependency, especially with the daunting knowledge of withdrawal in the near future. This is a vulnerable time for clients and their families and The View wants to make sure that everyone has the support needed.

We understand that treatment is most successful with family involvement. While not mandatory, the clinical team at The View recommends incorporating families into treatment plans. Our team wants to help be a guide and resource for families during their time of need.

In the first step of detox it is vital to come to a medical professional for help. At The View, our full staff is there around the clock to assist clients with the process. Withdrawal symptoms are not easy, and it is normal to have cravings and urges. The View wants to make sure that clients understand each symptom and feeling, and the reason they are happening. We have the upmost importance in client’s knowledge of their recovery to eliminate any uneasy feelings.