Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance Abuse Treatment

The View is a top-rated substance abuse detox and stabilization center in Los Angeles. Our core services for clients include sub-acute detoxification, stabilization, and rehab. Clients can enjoy our luxurious 6-bed facility for the needed length of their treatment. Some of the amenities include a pool, hot tub, and breathtaking patio. If you are looking for a luxury substance abuse treatment center, give The View a call at (877) 310-4343 today.

What To Expect From The View's Substance Abuse Treatment Program

At The View, clients can expect a treatment program suited towards their specific needs. Our facility is boutique enough to make sure that each client gets substantial one-on-one attention. During their initial medical intake, clients get needed medications from a physician to help deal with the unpleasant symptoms of alcohol drug withdrawal.

Clients also receive individual counseling, group psychotherapy, and stress reduction groups. Other elective treatments include massage, meditation, and yoga, as well as EMDR, trauma therapy, and life development skills. At The View, we encourage clients to stay and enjoy our facilities as long as needed.

Managing Addiction Relapse and Substance Abuse Treatment

At The View, our luxurious facility and therapeutic programs are geared towards maintaining a high level of comfort; this is critical for the treatment process. Research has shown that stress is a significant contributor to the development of addiction and addiction relapse. Early life stress, trauma, and accumulated adversity all contribute to addiction. At The View, we help clients overcome stress and past events that trigger cravings. Stress can increase the initiation and escalation of drug abuse.

As part of our individual counseling, group psychotherapy, and stress reduction groups, clients learn to be mindful of unhealthy patterns of self-criticism and self-judgment that contributes to addiction. You will also learn how to identify stressors in advance. Eliminating stress, at the end of the day, can help eliminate cravings and triggers.

Additional Programs Offered by The View

The View also has some other elective services that aid in the recovery process. If a client has experienced trauma, they can receive EMDR treatment. Eye movement desensitization and processing can help clients process distressing memories and beliefs. We also let clients participate in trauma therapy. Many people with a substance abuse problem also have some sort of trauma:

  • For example, the domestic prevalence of violence among women is estimated to be as high as 44%.
  • Trauma is prevalent among veterans, with 18.5% of veterans having PTSD.
  • Natural disasters are also a source of trauma, with 18.9% of men and 15.2% of women reporting experiencing a natural disaster.

Get Started With Substance Abuse Treatment at The View

The View's luxurious 6-bed facility might be a great fit for you or a loved one. We encourage clients to stay as long as they'd like and enjoy our pool, hot tub, and breathtaking patio. Our beautiful facilities and highly trained staff set us apart from other facilities in the area. Give us a call at (877) 310-4343 for an intake appointment today.