Women’s Rehab

Women’s Rehab

Research shows that women often use and respond to drugs differently than men. Moreover, women often encounter unique obstacles when trying to find addiction treatment help, such as child care and finding a viable treatment provider. If you are looking for a luxury women's rehab facility, give The View a call at (877) 310-4343 to learn about our treatment options.

Common Myths About Women and Addiction

According to Tammy L. Anderson, PhD, drug use and gender research did not start until the 1980s. Many studies prior to the early 90s largely focused on drug use among men. According to Psychology Today, there are several myths about drug use and women.

  1. Men Get Addicted More Often Than Women: While men tend to use drugs at a younger age and more often than women, women are just as likely to get addicted. An estimated 4.5 million women have a substance abuse disorder.
  2. Women and Men Become Addicted for the Same Reason: Anxiety and depression are common addiction triggers. That being said, women are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety and depression than men. Also, women are more likely to be exposed to the harmful effects of stress and addiction. Additionally, women are often more exposed to trauma, such as interpersonal violence, that can lead to addiction.
  3. The Stigma of Addiction is the Same for Both Men and Women: Women often are the primary caretakers for young children, which can add some added shame to the stigma of addiction. It is estimated that 25% of pregnant women with an opioid addiction may go without treatment.
  4. Alcohol and Drugs Impact Women and Men the Same Way: With most substances, like alcohol, women require a smaller dosage than men. When women seek out treatment, they are often facing more medical and psychological difficulties than men, even though they used less of the substance for a shorter timeframe than men.

Women's Rehab at The View

At The View, our luxurious 6-bed facility features a pool, hot tub, and breathtaking patio to help clients focus and relax during the recovery process. The process starts with a medical intake, where clients receive necessary medications to progress through detox in relative safety and comfort. Clients also get access to individual therapy, group psychotherapy, and stress reduction groups. We also offer trauma recovery as an elective treatment option, as well as EMDR.

Learn More About Luxury Rehab for Women at The View

Learn more about luxury rehab for women at The View by giving us a call at (877) 310-4343 today. Our staff honors each client's unique history and understands that each person's life experiences should inform their rehab program. We invite you to let us guide you through the healing process.